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Sparcells Pharmacy is conveniently located next door to Sparcells Surgery
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Repeat Prescriptions

Getting your repeat prescriptions managed by Sparcells Pharmacy is simple. If you’re taking medicine prescribed by your GP on a repeat basis, we can order your prescriptions for you from virtually ANY doctors surgery in the UK!

So wherever your surgery is located, we can dispense your prescriptions right here in Sparcells! Especially useful for busy commuters or students back home for holidays! We can also deliver it to your door for FREE anywhere in Swindon!

Accepting repeat prescription requests by email means those patients who have internet enabled phones can request repeat prescriptions any time of the day, 365 days a year whilst on the go!

How to request a repeat prescription

Requesting a repeat prescription from us is easy, simply complete ONE of the steps listed below:

  1. E-mail  your prescription request to (be sure to include your name, address, medication required and doctors surgery) OR
  2. Telephone 01793 877760  and request it over the phone OR
  3. Order your repeat prescription from your Doctor and email (or ring) us to let us know 

No need to make a GP appointment
We’ll contact your doctor to organise your repeat prescription and collect it from the surgery so there’s no need to visit your GP to get a prescription. We can (and do) collect prescriptions from ANY doctors surgery in the UK!

When your Doctor needs to see you or review your medicines your Doctor will let us know and we will inform you.


When you email your repeat request, you will automatically be notified of when to collect it, usually TWO to FIVE working days days after requesting (depending on your doctors surgery).


We  also deliver to an address of your choice within Swindon. Please note that Professional Pharmacy guidance rules requires someone over the age of 18 to sign for any medicines delivered.       

After 3 months we will invite you for a 

Medicine Use Review  to ensure you are getting the most from the medicines you are taking.

Download Sparcells Repeat Prescription Form

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Sparcells Pharmacy is conveniently located next door to Sparcells Surgery
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