Peatmoor Village Centre\nSwindon
Sparcells Pharmacy is conveniently located next door to Sparcells Surgery
Sparcells Pharmacy, Peatmoor Village Centre, Midwinter Close, Swindon SN5 5AN
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Sparcells Pharmacy is conveniently located next door to Sparcells Surgery. We are a local, friendly pharmacy offering a personal and outstanding service to each and every one of our customers. We will do all we can to get the medication or OTC products you desire to you as soon as possible, often dealing directly with manufacturers!

We offer a FREE repeat prescription service for virtually ANY doctors surgery in the UK, so no matter where your surgery is located, we can dispense your medication right here in Sparcells! We also offer FREE home delivery across all of Swindon.

Sparcells Pharmacy is an associate with the Numark brand and as such have many excellent promotions!  Anything we don't have in stock that you require we can order for you so you can be sure you will never miss out!

A new secure digital ID Photo Code (IDPC) system has been introduced that simplifies the process of attaching your ID photo to your passport application.
Medicine Use Reviews available from Sparcells Pharmacy
Taking prescribed medicines in the right way is important to your health and recovery. A Medicine Use Review provides you with the best possible advice and how to get the most from each medicine you take.
New Medicine Service available at Sparcells Pharmacy
The NHS New Medicine Service is a free NHS service offered through Sparcells Pharmacy which helps you understand your condition and get the most out of your new medicine.
Emergency Contraception 'The Morning After Pill' is available from Sparcells Pharmacy
Sparcells Pharmacy offers a confidential emergency contraceptive service, which allows you to obtain the ‘morning after pill’ without seeking a Doctors consultation.
Stop Smoking Service is available from Sparcells Pharmacy
Giving up smoking can be one of the toughest things you will ever do. Sparcells Pharmacy offers guidance and advice for a smoke free life.
If you're overweight or having difficulty shifting those extra pounds, we run a tried and tested weight loss program. 
We now provide INSTANT passport photos in-store for passports, visas, driving licences and other applications.
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Sparcells Pharmacy is opened by the Mayor & Mayoress of Swindon
The Mayor and Mayoress of Swindon officially opened Sparcells Pharmacy.
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Where to find us ~ Sparcells Pharmacy, Peatmoor Village, Swindon.
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Sparcells Pharmacy is conveniently located next door to Sparcells Surgery
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